So I have finished another two books over…

So I have finished another two books over the last two days, 16 things I thought were true and Dear Killer, and I was thinking of posting one on a guest blog but Idk which blog or which book……



by | April 30, 2014 · 1:41 am

6 responses to “So I have finished another two books over…

  1. Dude, how do you read so fast? Are you bionic? Do you write as fast as you read?

    Who are you thinking of doing a guest post for?

    Should I ask you some more questions?

    • I Don’t know….i once read a 900 ish page bk in one day bc I couldn’t put it down. I have no idea where to guest blog but maybe you? No I can definitely not write as fast as I read I am writing a 4 part series for about two years now and I’m only on chapter 6 of the first book with extra bits and pieces here and there. …..sure you can ask more questions and I’ll answer them unless they get too personal for me

      • Yah! You can do a guest post for me I can do one for you in return! Let me know what you want to write about. I can write about anything you think would work for your blog as well.

        Haha I was just kidding about the questions was just being funny.

      • Yay! Cool. Ok, I can either guest blog this Friday or sometime after the two weeks…..and you could guest blog a book review or a movie review of a book adaption and do it the way you would usually write your own posts….and lol! Cool!

      • 2 weeks sounds good to me! We can exchange posts then. Any book review requests??

      • Anything is fine except for things with too much mature content, I’m not really ok with so much inappropriate stuff and great!

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