Digital Cleaning, updates and requests

The last few days I’m updating what’s already there on my website blog Mirjam Penning.

Mirjam Penning
Digital Cleaning
I decided it was time for me to do a, bit late, spring cleaning of my pc. While I am at it, I do it in steps, I wrote a blog post about it. In case you’re interested, click!

I received quite some comments about ‘my first impression’.
Although we all rather hear we’re great and that everything looks great, I know they’re right. My website still looks more like a hobby place, how I call it, than something professional. That has a lot to do with my images and underdevelopment of certain parts of the site. But I do work hard on improving and expanding content. I keep a list of those relevant updates here.

Because I still could use positive criticism, I would like to ask people to fill in my survey
To meet my self-set target I need 25 in total. Up until now only three people were so helpful to fill it in. I hope more will give me some of their time to complete it. It’s ‘only’ four questions, one you could even skip, and won’t ask much of your time. Thanks in advance!

I also would like for people to join me with the challenge I created. My first post about it will be tomorrow. There’s no need to subscribe to anything. You can read more on the Achieve a Goal Challenge Page.


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