True Crime Excerpts

Being a fan of true crime, I write based on true crime articles on my website.
To give you an oversight of what I’ve written there so far, I will give a short summary with a link here.
True Crime

Collateral Damage ~ description ~ A case of stalking, based on t.v. show Stalked: Someone’s Watching

Frozen Years ~ description ~ Denise disappears after a night out. Her car’s found, she isn’t. What happened to her?

Into Pieces: The Sylvia Fleming Murder  ~ One day Sylvia disappears. Her sisters know something happened. How bad, they never imagined.

Justice Waited Thirteen Years  ~ Queen’s Day, the Netherlands, 1997. Marianne Vaatstra, 16 years old, celebrated that day like many others. Unlike others, she never arrived home. The next day she’s found in a meadow.

Kabul’s Heart Crimes ~ description ~ Based on a documentary about a couple of women in Kabul’s prison

Neda, victim of Iran ~ description ~ Shortly after the 2009 election. An Iranian woman’s watching a demonstration. It’s the last thing she will ever do.

Unidentified: give us back our names ~ description ~ A young boy’s found. Nobody knows who he is. One of many.


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