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Hey everyone! I was wondering who would want me to guest blog on their blog? I have a lot of books to review so I can guest blog on multiple people’s blogs? I just wanted to know before I reviewed them on my own site. Thanks!



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22 responses to “Guest Blog

  1. I’d love it if you made a guest post for my site! What books are on your list to review?

  2. I wouldn’t mind a guest post, either! With my internet availability currently, um, stilted, I’m not posting as often as I like and could use something new to liven up my blog. What’s in your review line-up?

  3. The books I wanted to review (there’s quite a bit) are:

    Changers Book One by T Cooper and Allison Glock – Cooper
    #16thingsithoughtweretrue by Janet Gurtler
    Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell
    Haters by Alisa Valdes – Rodriguez
    Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg
    caught between the pages by Marlene Carvell
    45 pounds (more or less) by KA Barson

    I want to guest blog maybe like two books per guest blog and save at least one for my own blog since I haven’t reviewed in a while. You guys can pick which ones you want. Thank you!!

  4. You can guest blog on my site, either or How about a review of Dear Killer?

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