What a Well-Developed Character Means (To Me)

For the writers. I certainly need this.

Searching the Clouds

You’ve all heard me say “I didn’t think the characters were well-developed” in a book review before, and I’ve gotten a request to tell you just what that means. It entails the character having qualities that

Of course I would love to tell you, and if you ever find yourself disagreeing with me over a character’s development, you can see if what you require for well-development is the same as what I require.

 My Well-Development Checklist

– The character has a well-developed background. This might include family members (deceased or living doesn’t matter), friends, special interests, or special talents.

– The character has a set appearance. I can envision them in my head.

– The character has a distinct personality. They have certain likes/dislikes, special interests, and personal taste in many categories.

– The character makes me feel emotions. Whether I’m annoyed at them or sad for them, they…

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