Wanted: Guest Bloggers!

Hello peoples of the world! Now, this is a bit of a HELP WANTED sign kinda thing:

I’m looking for about seven guest bloggers who could be awesome enough to guest blog* on my website Avid Reader. Now you could be an author/writer guest blogging about tips for writers and about your blog, or you could be anyone who wants to talk about some new book product, who wants to review a book …etc… But I kinda will need your answers soon because I want to start this Guest Blogger Week within the next two weeks. So I am definitely awaiting your reply! Tata for now!

Fantasy Angel

Author of Avid Reader


*Note: Anything you guys write about has to be appropriate (see my Policies page) and also anything you want to blog about that is different than what is stated up there can be discussed within reason. Thanks again!


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