Don’t Forget!

Hey everyone! Don’t forget that tomorrow is Writing Wednesday! Check below for more information:

Writing Wednesdays is starting back up by the more or less suggestion by J Matik from A Boisterous Life and the revived want of moi. Now for those who didn’t part take in it before or who don’t even know what’ll be happening here is a more or less description from before:

“Seeing as how we are all probably writers or aspiring writers dying to finish the book they’re writing or write a new poem, I’m thinking we could all do a mass thing called Writing Wednesdays where every Wednesday we share a piece of writing on this blog and on our own blogs. It’ll be a mass event we all do! and it’ll be fun! Plus on here you could get criticisms, though how “critical”  (like how harsh) can be decided by you per post if you wish. So what do you guys think?

As well,

I may just add a badge…for those who do do it which would be fun. Tell everyone you know so that people can participate and work on/polish their writing!! It would also be linked to Writer’s Guild by LBSquared or to LBSquared (this blog) and my blog since Writer’s Guild and LBSquared are the host blogs.

Now for those who are (even more) confused, Writer’s Guild by LBSquared is an extension of this website created by Vyas from Assembled Creatively. It’s for all the (aspriring) writers which includes novelist, poets and pretty much any other form of writer people. Now does everyone get it? Ok. So I believe Writer’s Guild is public however to make posts you have to be a member and therefore have to ask me or Vyas if you can be in (which you probs will be able to) and you also have to be following this blog. I believe that’s it. If you have any questions or want to participate/be a member tell me in the comment section below! Tata for now!

Fantasy Angel



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