Guest Blogging Week Returns!

Hello everyone! This is a special announcement: Guest Blogging Week will be making a return but only if we get guest bloggers! Any bloggers or writers who are interested in participating may comment below their name, email address and an initial idea of what you want to guest blog or you can send me a request to be a guest blogger on the contact form (it’s on the Contact Me page), message me on Facebook or Goodreads, or DM me on Twitter. All contact ways must include your name, email address, website or blog if you have one and an initial idea of what you want to guest blog or else you won’t be considered. Either way we want 5-7 bloggers to join! Please have your requests in by THIS FRIDAY! Please! That means by HALLOWEEN please! The posts will probably be up two weeks after that so that I have like two days to finalize requests and then a week for you guys to write and send it to me. For more information on how the process works/will work and what types of things are okay to request, then click here. That’s it. I realllly hope you guys sign up because last time was so much fun and I want to keep doing the week and having fun. Thank you guys! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

Fantasy Angel

of Avid Reader



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