Hello everyone! It’s Fantasy Angel from Avid Reader again! This is a reminder to you guys that today is your last day to get your guest blogging stuff in!!! So far, I only have 4 guest bloggers and I would absolutely love more so please contact me today or tomorrow! All you need to do is tell me you are in, your email address and a simple initial idea (you can be elaborate or really simple – not a one worded answer though pls). Then I’ll add you guys to a Google Doc where all the guest bloggers will be so that you guys can interact, I can interact with you and you can put up your posts. It’ll truly be alot of fun and pretty awesome so sign up!  It will take me about two days to finalize everything (ideas, who’s in, etc.) then I’ll make an announcement on the blog who will be participating. I want 5-7 bloggers to be part of this. If you want more information, you can look at the blog post ( or you can look at the general rules for the last guest blogging week. That’s it. I realllly hope you guys sign up because last time was so much fun and I want to keep doing the week and having fun. Thank you guys! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

Fantasy Angel

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