What’s New and Affects You? This Post!

Hey everyone, its Fantasy Angel here from Avid Reader! So it’s been awhile since anyone’s posted on here and it’s been even longer since anyone OTHER than me has posted on here so I’ve decided to start a series post where every week a blogger that can create posts on the blog, will create a What’s New with them post. You can go personal or you can go more technical and talk about your blog. Since I created this idea, I will start this. But next week, will be someone elses turn and that turn can be decided between everyone else. If you want to be part of this, comment on here with your email (you can only do this though if you’re a WordPress blogger…sorry…) and then I’ll add you to the list of people who can make posts and then you can make one yourself. Sound good? Okay here I go:

  • So since Guest Blogging (Week) is done (quite prematurely), I’m doing another Guest Blogging Week even sooner than three months due to the lack of posts – though the people who did do it, did it very well and I thank them from the bottom of my heart – during Winter Break. The week was done due to one reason that stem from several things; we are out of bloggers’ guest posts. Now this is due to some pulling out for with a legit reason, and for people who just didn’t tell me they weren’t going to do it or they didn’t send it to me and expected me to somehow know they weren’t part of the event any more. Now what’s happening is that by this Friday, you guys can contact me and tell me you want to do it and initial idea. Then, by Dec 23, you will send me your post via a Google Drive Doc I’ve created for everyone. Just a reminder, when you contact me, include your name, email, and initial idea.
  • I also have created a Holiday Post that I know will help you guys de-stress and relax. Don’t believe me? Check out the post: My Top 5 (Book) Blogger Tricks & Tips (aka the perfect way to de-stress)
  • I have now added falling snow to Avid Reader! If you guys want to add the feature to your blog too, just go to Settings, scroll down and then check the box that says “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th“.
  • I OFFICIALLY HAVE 200WORDPRESS FOLLOWERS! I also (amazingly) have:
    • 499 Email Followers (hey one of you follow the blog via email to raise it to 500! Let’s make it an even number!)
    • 32 Facebook Followers (follow Avid Reader’s Facebook Page for exclusive Facebook content like giveaways and announcements from popular authors!)
    • 247 Twitter Followers (follow us for exclusive contests, news, giveaways and more!)
    • 21 Tumblr Followers (If you are on Tumblr more than you see others but still want book, movie, writing, and blogging news then follow our Tumblr!)
    • 32 Goodreads Friends (follow me if you want to be friends with someone whose friends with awesome authors! and if you want to know what books I read…that too….)

    Therefore thank you! I do appreciate your follows, likes, comments, re-tweets and faves.

And that’s all that’s new for me! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s “What’s New” post. Don’t forget to check above to get the details about it and the details about my upcoming Guest Blogging Week! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


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