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Guest Blogging Week Returns!

Hello everyone! This is a special announcement: Guest Blogging Week will be making a return but only if we get guest bloggers! Any bloggers or writers who are interested in participating may comment below their name, email address and an initial idea of what you want to guest blog or you can send me a request to be a guest blogger on the contact form (it’s on the Contact Me page), message me on Facebook or Goodreads, or DM me on Twitter. All contact ways must include your name, email address, website or blog if you have one and an initial idea of what you want to guest blog or else you won’t be considered. Either way we want 5-7 bloggers to join! Please have your requests in by THIS FRIDAY! Please! That means by HALLOWEEN please! The posts will probably be up two weeks after that so that I have like two days to finalize requests and then a week for you guys to write and send it to me. For more information on how the process works/will work and what types of things are okay to request, then click here. That’s it. I realllly hope you guys sign up because last time was so much fun and I want to keep doing the week and having fun. Thank you guys! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

Fantasy Angel

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I’m looking at you, Inquisitor!

I finally finished reading Inquisitor the other night.  It’s a great book.  Really.  There were a few things I noticed that could have been improved upon, but all in all, it’s a great read.

Wanna see my full review?  Check it out here!  Happy Friday, folks!

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Quick rec!

I’m currently reading Inquisitor by RJ Blain.  It’s awesome.  I’ve nearly reached the end and I’ll post a review when I’m done, but I just thought you all should know that it’s a great book and you should check it out.

Happy Hump Day! 🙂

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The Chocolate Bar Challenge

Swiss Chocolates

Swiss Chocolates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My good friend and fellow author AFE Smith tagged me recently in the Chocolate Bar Challenge, which is a blog event where you pair up your favorite books with your favorite chocolates.  It was a divine challenge, and if you’d like to find out which things I paired up together, check out my post.

And if you’d like to participate, let me know so I can see your picks, too! 🙂

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Another review!

Today I reviewed another fantastic book, Chasing Azrael by my friend and fellow Alliance of Worldbuilders member Hazel Butler.  Once again, I can’t recommend this book highly enough!  The blurb:

When Andee Tilbrook’s husband died, her preoccupation with death turned to obsession. Thanks to her unique ability to commune with the dead, her husband remains all too close, yet never close enough. Mired in grief, she clings to James’s spirit, slowly losing touch with the world, her friends, and any desire to continue living.

But when her friend Josh becomes the target of Natalya, a jealous, capricious and violent Russian beauty, Andee somehow finds the strength to free herself from her misery long enough to help him. They soon discover that Natalya is wanted by the police for her involvement in a series of grisly murders, and Andee is dragged into the inquiry by the same man who investigated her own husband’s death.

Torn between new feelings for Josh, and fear that he might be involved in the murders that seem to threaten anyone who comes close, Andee must face the realities of her life, her past, and her very nature-and do it all in time to save her own life.

To read my review and find out where you can get your own copy, click here!

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My writing process

Last week, my friend Tricia Drammeh tagged me in the My Writing Process blog hop.  My post went up today, and you can find it here.  For more on what, how, and why I write, stop by and check it out!

Happy Monday!


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A quick rec

I’m in the middle (okay, maybe not the actual middle – I think I’m 3/4 of the way through) of reading City of the Sun by Juliana Maio and it’s fantastic!  Thought you all might want to know.

From Goodreads:

Espionage, love, and power play upon the shifting sands of wartime Cairo

CAIRO, EGYPT 1941. As the Second World War rages, the city known as ”Paris on the Nile” plays host to an international set who seem more interested in polo matches and swanky nightclubs than the Germans’ unrelenting advance across North Africa. Meanwhile, as refugees, soldiers, and spies stream into the city, the Nazis conspire with the emerging Muslim Brotherhood to fuel the Egyptian people’s seething resentment against their British overlords.

Ambitious American journalist Mickey Connolly has come to Cairo to report on the true state of the war. Facing expulsion by the British for not playing by their rules, he accepts a deal from the U.S. embassy that allows him to remain in the country. His covert mission: to infiltrate the city’s thriving Jewish community and locate a refugee nuclear scientist who could be key to America’s new weapons program. But Mickey is not the only one looking for the elusive scientist. A Nazi spy is also desperate to find him–and the race is on. Into this mix an enigmatic young woman appears, a refugee herself. Her fate becomes intertwined with Mickey’s, giving rise to a story of passion, entangled commitments, and half-truths.

Deftly blending the romantic noir of the classic film Casablanca with a riveting, suspenseful narrative and vivid historical detail, City of the Sun offers a stunning portrayal of a time and place that was not only pivotal for the war, but also sowed much of the turbulence in today’s Middle East.

I’ll be reviewing it on my blog once I’m finished, and I can’t wait to see how it ends. 🙂


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Inquisitor is out!

So today is the release day for Inquisitor by RJ Blain, and I’m taking part in a blog tour to promote the book.  I’ve got an excerpt from the novel up here.  Stop by, check it out, and then pick up your own copy!


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Urban fantasy v. epic fantasy

Yesterday on my blog, fantasy author RJ Blain stopped by to talk about the differences between urban fantasy and epic fantasy. She’ll be back tomorrow with information on her latest release, Inquisitor. Stop by and check it out!


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